To all the AbroadFest Barcelona competition entrants:

First of all we would like to thank everyone for participating and making this yearly tradition possible!

This contest surpassed our expectations, and we heard amazing remixes. Truly unbelievable talent.

And after days of thinking and hearing lots of opinions from close producers, the Abroadfest family and audience, we decided that the Official Remix of Abroadfest should be Apollo Vice. Congratulations! Welcome to Abroadfest!

This year has set the bar at a new high, and we just had to give credit to two more remixes, UDJAT and SHOCKIN.W . Your work was so good that we decided to include both songs as official remixes in the Abroad EP, that will be launched through Playmusic.

All we can say is wow! Once again thank your talent and keep the music flowing.

-- AbroadFest


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